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59S UVC Sterilising Wand


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FOR HOME, OFFICE AND TRAVEL: Sterilising on the go has never been easier. The 59s Sterilising Wand disinfects with a simple press and scan action meaning that surfaces such as sofas, beds, bathrooms, desks and keyboards can be easily sterilised. 

PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: The wand uses 20 LED UVC lights to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses on surfaces, without the need for water or chemicals. The wand is lightweight and portable, with an inbuilt rechargeable battery, so that it can be used on the go and stored in a handbag, rucksack or hand luggage. 

SAFETY: In order to prevent ultra-violet rays from hitting the eyes and skin the wand comes with an inbuilt smart sensor, meaning that the 59s wand shuts down automatically when it is turned over more than 45 degrees during the disinfection process. It also comes with a pair of safety goggles and a child lock for added safety assurance.

Disinfection time: 5-10 seconds.

For the best results it is recommended that the wand is passed over the surface repeatedly for 5-10 seconds at a distance of one inch. 

Size: 257x42x40mm

Power input: Micro-USB