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Apothecary 87 Shave Oil - 50ml

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Apothecary 87 Shave Oil - 50ml

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1893 Sandalwood & vanilla shave oil for the manliest of man shaves.

Manly benefits
The 1893 shave oil has been designed for the smooth moving man who wants to show off his manly face. Our blend of oils has been designed to be thick and great for moisturising harsh man skin and softening your steel-like man hair. Perfect to allow your razor to glide through your beard without breaking any blades.

The smell of this truly manly oil has been designed to relax you from your manly woes and leave you smelling as a man should.

Directions of manly use
For best results, wet your face with warm water, and apply a few drops of Shave Oil (rubbed between your hands) to your face. Once you have finished shaving, rub a few more drops into your face to help soothe any unmanly irritation.


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