Barber Mind Retail Pack


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Barber Mind Retail Pack - 12 Pomades & Display Stand

Includes 3 of each pomade, display stand, strut card, poster, leaflets & stickers.

3 x Killer Pomade - strong hold, water soluble, shine finish
3 x Ghost Pomade - medium hold, water soluble, matt finish
3 x Roots Pomade - medium hold water soluble, shine finish
3 x Ink Pomade - medium hold, water soluble, grey masking effect

Pomades retail at £14-£16 each giving a profit of £75 when sold.

"When a great dream is so important as to come true, it means that it is based on passion, knowledge, professionalism and good will. Barber Mind was established precisely in this way, it stems from my dream, from Hiroshi Vitanza  aka Hiro’s dream. Passion and knowledge of the barber’s job since a very young age, a whole life dedicated to something which was a lifestyle before becoming a brand, to a way of thinking: the Barber Mind".

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