Cutting Collars

Cutting Collars
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  • Neck Strip Dispenser
    Neck Strip Dispenser Neatly houses a roll of barber neck strips for easy and convenient use. Complete with suction pads to stick to work top/unit. ~ the best place online to buy barber supplies. ..
    £5.00 Ex VAT: £4.17
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  • Paper Neck Strips - 5 Rolls of 100
    Paper Necks Strips - 5 Rolls of 100 Each pack comes with 5 rolls of 100 self-adhesive strips. Hygenic and easy to use for added client comfort - catches loose hairs and absorbs perspiration and drips. Fits all sizes of necks. Neck strip dispenser also available here. www.barberblades...
    £6.00 Ex VAT: £5.00
    Based on 16 reviews.
  • Bob Tuo Eco Cutting Collar
    Bob Tuo Eco Cutting Collar Great value, black cutting collar with weighted ends to help keep it in place. ~ the best place online to buy barber supplies. ..
    £13.50 Ex VAT: £11.25
  • Haito Rubber Cutting Collar
    Haito Rubber Cutting Collar Black rubber cutting collar that creates a tight seal around the neck to help prevent hair, chemicals and water entering the neckline. Unversal fit due to the design and flexability of the rubber. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. ~ t..
    £12.00 Ex VAT: £10.00
  • Neo Cape Cutting Collar
    Neo Cape Cutting Collar The NeoCape Cutting Collar replaces the traditional cutting collar. The special neoprene seal prevents hair or water going down the neck also protecting the hairdressing gown from stains and eliminating the need for towels around the neck area. Made of a supple plast..
    £15.00 Ex VAT: £12.50
  • Robbo Neckguard Cutting Collar
    Robbo Neckguard Cutting Collar The ultimate tool for the professional stylist who cares about their clients' comfort during and after their visit to the barber shop • Creates a unique "hairtight" seal around the neck preventing hair, water and chemicals entering the client neckline. • Made fr..
    £18.00 Ex VAT: £15.00
    Based on 2 reviews.
  • Salon Ethos Cutting Collar
    Salon Ethos Cutting Collar Salon Ethos Master Cutting Collar. Precise, weighted 3D design, innovative ultra smooth material, water resistant, hair tight seal. Client comfort, stylist convenient, soft touch, non stick, anti-static. ~ the best place online to buy barber su..
    £10.00 Ex VAT: £8.33