Bluebeards Revenge Hair Gel - 100ml


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Bluebeards Revenge Hair Gel - 100ml

50p from every tub sold goes to the Lions Barber Collective to prevent male suicide

The humble hair gel has always been a gateway product into the world of men’s hairstyling. At the point of adolescence, every man has used a gel to create rock-hard spikes that can puncture even the toughest Kevlar armour. But, in today’s well-groomed world, hair gels offer so much more.

The Bluebeards Revenge Hair Gel is a revolutionary, multipurpose product that can create both rock-hard spikes and natural, textured styles, depending on its application. Featuring our Classic scent, it promises to leave soggy styles in the past.

This product has been created in collaboration with The Lions Barber Collective charity. 50p from each tub sold is donated straight back to The Lions Barber Collective; helping the registered charity to raise awareness and prevent male suicides all over the world.

The Lions Barber Collective is a group of international barbers that raise awareness and support men to improve their mental health and prevent suicide.

Charity number: 1176363 ~ the best place online to buy barber supplies.