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Deluxe Hexagon Barber Anti-Fatigue Mat

£150.00 £125.00

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Deluxe Hexagon Barber Anti-Fatigue Mat

It’s not just a mat!

Specially developed to help in the relief of back pain, aching knees, tired legs and sore feet.

The super resilient closed cell polymeric internal build of the mat provides exceptional buoyancy that reduces fatigue.

At 2cms (nearly one inch), this super thick, premium moulded polyurethane mat will give you total comfort while stood working throughout your day.

Lightweight but tough and strong it is over three times more abrasion resistant than similar products.

We could bore you stiff with all the technical jargon of the barber mats manufacturing process and tests to achieve comfort, durability and practicality, but we think customers who use the mat should tell you their experiences…

Height: 2cm
Width: 123cm
Depth: 138cm ~ the best place online to buy barber supplies.


  • Length: 138
  • Width: 123
  • Height: 2
  • Item Returns: This item can be returned