Electric Head Jog Titanium Pro-Air Clipper

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Electric Head Jog Titanium Pro-Air Clipper

Professional Clipper with Titanium Blades and Stay-Cool Technology. The features and benefits of the new Electric Head Jog Titanium Pro-Air Clipper:

Titanium Blades - Titanium blades stay sharp and rust-free for longer, so that every cut will be smooth and precise. Blades are strong and durable, but still skin friendly.

Patented Stay-Cool Technology - The patented new stay-cool technology keeps the clipper blades cool to touch for your clients safety.

Intelligent Motor Control - Capable of maintaining product rotation speed set. Powerful and durable motor which can last four times longer than the average motor.

4 Length Settings - The clipper blades feature a 4 stage blade adjustment, in increments of 0.3mm.

Cordless - Powerful cordless clipper.

High Performance Lithium Ion Battery - Lithium Ion battery that can last 3 times longer than traditional batteries. Featuring the fast charge technology which gives you 3 hours of use with only 2 hours of charging.

LCD Display - Including battery indicator and charging indicator.

Taper Control combs - Supplied with two double-sided combs that provide lengths of 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, so that you can create any style that you require.

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  • Brand: Head Jog
  • Cord: Cordless
  • Cut Length: 1mm-1.9mm
  • Lithium Ion?: Yes
  • Run Time: 180 minutes
  • Recharge Time: 120 minutes
  • Length: 25
  • Width: 21
  • Height: 8