Capes & Gowns

Capes & Gowns

Protect your clients from hair and chemicals with a range of barber capes and hairdressing gowns in a variety of designs and styles. These salon capes even come in children sizes with fun and cool designs, perfect kids capes to encourage them to sit still and enjoy they’re experience.

There are a range of barber gowns with rubber neck designs to prevent the hair irritating the clients neck, as well as vintage barber gowns to enhance a barbers theme. Not forgetting, we also stock wholesale neck paper strips and cutting collars.

All prices shown include VAT


  1. Neo Cape Pinstripe Uni-Gown
    Neo Cape Pinstripe Uni-Gown
    £28.00 £23.33
  2. Neo Cape Uni-Gown - White
    Neo Cape Uni-Gown - White
    £25.00 £20.83
  3. Neo Cape Children's Uni-Gown
    Neo Cape Children's Uni-Gown
    As low as £20.50 £17.08
  4. Neo Cape Uni-Gown - Black
    Neo Cape Uni-Gown - Black
    £25.00 £20.83
  5. Neo Cape Cutting Collar
    Neo Cape Cutting Collar
    £17.00 £14.17

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