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Evans Vanodine Safe Zone™ Plus Virucidal Disinfectant Refill Bottle - 5 litre


Points 32


  • Broad spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria and yeast

  • Kills Murine Norovirus, Influenza and MRSA. Passes EN 14476 & EN 1276

  • Unperfumed, non-classified formulation

  • Ideal in health care establishments, Barber and Hair salons

  • Perfect to be used in your barbers disinfectant jar to clean your tools
  • Cost effective way to refill your Safe Zone™ 750ml bottle

The use of Safezone Plus to disinfect your stainless steel scissors will be OK but don't be tempted leave them steeped in it for prolonged periods. 

Spray the scissors with Safezone Plus and wipe them with a piece of disposable tissue to remove soiling then spray them again and leave for 5 minutes - the disinfect phase - before wiping them to dryness with a second disposable tissue