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King Brown Matte Pomade - 71g


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King Brown Matte Pomade - 71g

RRP £15.55

King Brown matte pomade is the all-rounder for a natural look, textured styles and of course matte look classics.

The unique clay and beeswax blend has the perfect balance to create a pliable dry hold. Fast becoming a must have for traditional lovers of grease and water based alike.

HOLD: Light to Medium Dry Hold

SHEEN: Matte

SCENT: Earthy scent containing notes of basil, rosemary, bergamot, cedar wood and leather

SIZE: 2.5oz / 71g

HAIR TYPES: Suitable for all hair types both short and long in length

BEST SUITS: Natural look and textured styles, also matte look classics and loose pomps

CLAY & WAX BASED: Added malt extract for hair conditioning. Re style anytime with fingers or comb