Nilco Dry Touch Aerosol Max Blast Sanitiser - 750ml


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Nilco Nilbac® Dry-Touch Sanitiser MAX BLAST has been specially formulated to quickly and effortlessly sanitise entire rooms and cars in a few short burst.

An average room is between 18 to 22 square metres, Nilco MAX BLAST can deliver 40mls of product per second which means the product can be applied in the average room in under 8 seconds.

Many viruses are spread through droplets which are expelled into the air when a person coughs or sneezes.

The Nilco Nilbac® Dry-Touch Sanitiser MAX BLAST's fine mist gets to work straight away in the air and on contact with all surfaces to remove viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and other harmful microorganisms that can damage health, leaving a clean, purified safe environment.

Sanitise The Whole Room In One... No Wiping ... Just Spray - Commercial strength formula.


Rooms and Large Areas

1. Shake can well, ensure the area to be treated is free from pets.

2. Always ensure the nozzle is pointing away from the body. During the spraying process, a suitable face mask should be worn.

3. Keeping a distance of 1.5m from walls, surfaces and objects, spray the product in short bursts methodically over the area to ensure complete coverage.

4. Vacate the area and close all doors, allowing the products to settle throughout the area ideally overnight, or for a minimum of 10 mins.

5. After this time open doors and windows to allow any flammable vapours to disperse.