Takara Belmont Calme Backwash

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Takara Belmont Calme Backwash
- Let Them Relax And Be Calm

A uniquely comfortable backwash and treatment chair with the most inviting chaise longue overtones. The form of the chair and the extreme comfort that it offers a client enables extended sessions and an array of treatment services. There are control pads on either side to operate the fully-motorised 'Slide' and 'Swing' of the chair - an innovative, undisturbing way to move the client between positions.

For backwash, the uppermost headrest cushion simply curls backwards allowing the head to lean back into the basin neck rest - so simple, so useful. There is nothing like the Calme to create a dedicated treatment and/or shampoo area around - the comfort and class arouse client-loyalty.

Features Include: Smooth Slide-Swing chair movements with lumber support and fold back headrest for backwash. Fully-motorised chair: control pad on both sides with programmable pre-set and auto-return.

Basin Compatibility:


Height Width Depth Depth - Reclined
980mm 690mm 1240mm 1550mm

Initial Seat Height: 470mm Weight: 56kg

Full Upholstery and Colour Guide PDF

Takara Belmont's experienced upholsterers have carefully selected specific vinyls for each item according to the style of the chair and durability demands. Items are upholstered and finished in Japan and/or the UK and as such, delivery times are varied.

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  • Brand: Belmont
  • Length: 200
  • Width: 200
  • Height: 200