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Box of 1000 x Refreshening Moist Wipes

£78.00 £65.00

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Box of 1000 x Refreshening Excellence Barbers Moist Wipes

No soap. No water. No problem.

Works out to just 7p each!

Give one to your customers when you finish their haircut to wipe down face and neck to remove stray hairs. Leaves them feeling refreshed and adds an extra, personal touch to your service.

Use Refreshening Excellence Barber Moist Wipes to cool, cleanse and refresh skin after treatments. Made with soft, non-woven material this wipe is infued with cologne and bursting with freshness, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Safe and gentle on the hands, Refreshening Moist Wipes are balanced to the skin's natural PH for sensitive cleansing. Individually wrapped for ultimate personal hygiene they are ideal for removing hair trimmings and hair treatment products from the skin. ~ the best place online to buy barber supplies.