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Clipper Accessories

Explore this section for all your clipper accessory needs! For handy caddies and clipper blade holders, spare cables, clipper spray and oils, as well as comb attachments, sharpening crystals, clipper cleaning brushes, guards and much more.

We stock lots of extra barber tools including Clipp-Aid products to ensure maintenance of your clippers and trimmers is easy, as wells as accessories for brands such as Wahl, Andis, Babyliss and Oster.

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Clipper Accessories
All prices shown include VAT

Minimum spend only £25

  1. Wahl 10 Piece Premium Cutting Guides in Caddy
  2. Medic Clipper Spray - 180ml
  3. Wahl Cordless Clipper Charging Stand
  4. Clipp-Aid Sharpening Crystals For Standard Clipper Blades (Individual Sachet)
  5. Irving Barber Co. Phillips Head Pocket Screwdriver
  6. Andis Clipper Blade Cleaning Brush
  7. Andis 7-in-1 Blade Care Plus 473ml
  8. Wahl Premium Guide Combs (Set Of 3 Combs)
  9. Wahl Individual Coloured Comb Attachment
    Wahl Individual Coloured Comb Attachment
    As low as £1.10 £0.92
  10. Andis ProFoil Replacement Cutters & Foil
  11. Made For The Blade Clipper Spray - 400ml
  12. Wahl Clipper Holder
    Wahl Clipper Holder
    £12.50 £10.42
  13. Lazarou Pro Clipper Holder
    Lazarou Pro Clipper Holder
    £5.00 £4.17
  14. Wahl Clipper Oil 4 fl.oz / 118ml
  15. Wahl Individual Comb Attachment in Black
    Wahl Individual Comb Attachment in Black
    As low as £1.10 £0.92
  16. Wahl 1.5mm Attachment Comb for Cordless Clippers
  17. Wahl Tool Bag
    Wahl Tool Bag
    £16.24 £13.53
  18. Wahl No. 1-8 BLACK Plastic Combs in Caddy
  19. Andis 5 Piece Magnetic Comb Set (#0 - #4)
  20. Irving Barber Co. Needle Point Oil Dispenser
  21. Wahl No. 1-8 COLOURED Plastic Combs in Caddy
  22. The Shave Factory Clipper Care Oil - 150ml
  23. Andis Master Magnetic Comb Dual Pack (#0.5 & #1.5)
  24. Irving Barber Co. Blade & Attachment Brush
  25. Andis Slimline Trimmer Grip Accessory
  26. Wahl No. 1-8 Metal Combs for Cordless Clippers
  27. Andis Master Magnetic Comb Dual Pack (#0 & #1)
  28. Babyliss Lo Pro FX Clipper Charging Stand
  29. Wahl Professional Power Station
  30. Babyliss Lo Pro FX Trimmer Charging Stand
  31. Andis Profoil Foil Shaver Replacement Charging Cable
  32. Babyliss Replacement V-Blade Clipper Blade
  33. Andis Cool Care Spray
  34. Gamma+ Professional Dub Guard Magnets - Set of 8
  35. Wahl Detailer & Hero Replacement Cable
  36. Universal Clipper Holder
  37. Wahl 2.5mm Attachment Comb for Cordless Clippers
  38. Babyliss Pro Super Motor Duo Kit Replacement Stand
  39. Andis Clipper Oil 4 fl.oz / 118ml
  40. Andis Outliner Trimmer Grip Accessory
  41. Gamma+ Trimmer Grip
    Gamma+ Trimmer Grip
    £8.70 £7.25
  42. Replacement Switch for Wahl Clippers
  43. Babyliss Pro Super Motor Trimmer Charging Stand
  44. Wahl 2mm Attachment Comb for Cordless Clippers
  45. Clippercide Disinfectant & Lubricating Spray
  46. Wahl Corded Taper Clipper Replacement Cable
  47. Oster Hair Clipper Oil - 120ml
  48. Wahl Comb Attachment - #1 1/2 Plum