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Gift Sets

Stock some great gift sets in your barber shop so your customers can get the presents they want!

Whether its grooming gifts, grooming sets, hair care grooming kits, beard gift sets, shaving kits, there is something for everyone.

Top brands such as Captain Morgan gift set, Dear Barber gift collection, Frank Shaving set, Bluebeards grooming kit, Morgan’s Moustache & Beard Grooming set and many more.

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Gift Sets
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Minimum spend only £20

  1. Clubman Pinaud 3-in-1 Beard Trio Gift Pack
  2. Dear Barber Beard Grooming Gift Collection
  3. Dapper Dan 'Hairy Man' Combo Gift Set
  4. Proraso Vintage Selection Tin - Refreshing
  5. Dear Barber Groom & Go Gift Collection
  6. Frank Shaving 3 Piece Shaving Set - Black
  7. Proraso Beard Care Tin - Wood & Spice
  8. Proraso Beard Care Tin - Azur Lime
  9. Proraso Vintage Selection Tin - Sensitive
  10. Omega Shaving Set with Brush, Bowl & Stand
  11. Uppercut Deluxe Water Based Mini Styling Collection
  12. Proraso Beard Care Tin - Cypress & Vetyver
  13. Uppercut Deluxe Mug, Comb & Tin Kit
  14. Frank Shaving Luxury Shaving Brush With Ceramic Bowl
  15. Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade & Everyday Shampoo Duo Kit
  16. Frank Shaving 3 Piece Shaving Set - Chrome
  17. Johnny's Chop Shop 'Road Trippin' Wash Bag Gift Set
  18. Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade Combo Kit in Tin
  19. Uppercut Deluxe Matte Pomade and Salt Spray Duo *DG*
  20. Uppercut Deluxe Deluxe Pomade and Salt Spray Duo *DG*
  21. Wahl Limited Edition Trimmer Gift Set
  22. Reuzel Groom & Grow Gift Set
  23. Uppercut Deluxe Beard Care Duo
  24. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade & Everyday Shampoo Duo Kit
  25. Omega Shaving Brush, Bowl & Stand Set - Chrome
  26. Uppercut Deluxe Field Kit
  27. Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight Combo Kit in Tin
  28. Reuzel Sh*t, Shower & Shave Gift Set
  29. Uppercut Deluxe Grooming Kit Deluxe Pomade
  30. Bluebeards Revenge ‘Hipster' Kit
  31. Uppercut Deluxe Grooming Kit Matte Pomade
  32. Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight & Everyday Shampoo Duo Kit
  33. Wahl Grooming Trimmer Kit
  34. Reuzel Xmas Groom & Grow Gift Set x 3
  35. Uppercut Deluxe Mug, Comb & Tin.
  36. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Combo Kit
  37. Johnny's Chop Shop Barber Grade Edit Gift Set
  38. Reuzel Skin Care Gift Set Bag
  39. Graham Hill Stubble Set
  40. Graham Hill Travel Set
  41. Morgan's Pomade Gift Set
  42. Dapper Dan Style Essentials Gift Set - Matt Paste
  43. Reuzel Skin Care Display with Free Gift Set Bag
  44. Daimon Barber World Traveller Sample Set
  45. Uppercut Deluxe 2020 Field Kit
  46. Dear Barber Shaping Cream Style & Go Gift Set
  47. Morgan's Gentlemen's Beard Grooming Gift Set
  48. Captain Fawcett Eau De Parfum, Moustache Wax & Beard Oil Gift Set