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  1. Pashana Preparation (Jochems Treatment) - 150ml
  2. Pashana Anti Dandruff Shampoo 250ml
  3. Pashana American Bay Rum 250ml
  4. Pashana Original Brilliantine 250ml
  5. Pashana Eau De Cologne 250ml
  6. Pashana Original Hair Lotion 250ml
  7. Pashana Original Shampoo 250ml
  8. Pashana Eau De Portugal 250ml
  9. Pashana Eau De Portugal With Oil 250ml
  10. Pashana Eau De Quinine 250ml
  11. Pashana Eau De Quinine with Oil 250ml
  12. Pashana Blue Orchid Friction Lotion 250ml
  13. Pashana Blue Orchid Conditioning Shampoo 250ml
  14. Pashana Original Aftershave 100ml
  15. Pack of 4 Pashana Shaving Soap Domes
  16. Pashana American Bay Rum 2 Litre
  17. Pashana Original Hair Lotion 2 Litre
  18. Pashana Eau De Quinine 2 Litre
  19. Pashana Eau De Portugal 2 Litre
  20. Pashana Eau De Cologne 2 Litre
  21. Pashana Blue Orchid Friction Lotion 2 Litre