Barber Connect 2022

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Along with a great pair of barber scissors, all barbers have their favourite comb!

Here at Barber Blades we stock a wide range of barber combs from the cutting comb to clipper comb. You can even get your hands on a wide tooth comb and the classic folding afro comb.

We stock combs from a variety of top brands such as Wahl, Andis, Jack Dean, Mack Daddy’s, King Brown, Denman and many more.

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All prices shown include VAT

Minimum spend only £20

  1. Denman D25 Fantail Comb
    Denman D25 Fantail Comb
    £2.50 £2.08
  2. Wahl Speed Flat Top Comb - Black
  3. Wahl Speed Flat Top Comb - White
  4. Apothecary 87 Man Club Barber Comb
  5. Wahl Flat Top Clipper Comb (Large)
  6. Jack Dean Zoot Comb System
    Jack Dean Zoot Comb System
    £15.80 £13.17
  7. Jack Dean Pompadour Streaker 8 Teeth Comb
  8. Uppercut Deluxe CB11 Rake Comb
  9. Hercules HS4770M Turbo-Cut 2 Clipper Comb
  10. Starflite SF55 Tapered Cutting Comb
  11. King Brown Black Texture Comb
  12. Wahl Barber Comb
    Wahl Barber Comb
    £2.00 £1.67
  13. Andis Clipper Comb - White
  14. King Brown Tortoise Pocket Comb
  15. Jack Dean Clipper Comb - Black
  16. Wahl Flat Top Clipper Comb Large in White
  17. Wahl Flat Top Clipper Comb in Black (Small)
  18. Denman ProEdge™ Master Comb
  19. Uppercut Deluxe CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb
  20. Jack Dean Clipper Comb - White
  21. Andis Cutting Comb
    Andis Cutting Comb
    £2.90 £2.42
  22. Wahl Flat Top Clipper Comb Large in Green
  23. Twist It Up Styling Comb
    Twist It Up Styling Comb
    £15.00 £12.50
  24. Oster Antistatic Clipper Comb - White
  25. Oster Antistatic Clipper Comb - Black
  26. 12 Pack Wahl Flat Top Clipper Combs - Large
  27. Dapper Dan Handmade Styling Comb
  28. King Brown Black Pocket Comb
  29. Denman ProEdge™ Cutting Comb in Black
  30. Head Jog C11 Large Barber Comb
  31. Denman DPC4 Green Precision Large Cutting Comb
  32. Denman DPC3 Green Precision Small Cutting Comb
  33. Andis Clipper Comb - Black
  34. Andis Tapering Comb
    Andis Tapering Comb
    £2.90 £2.42
  35. King Brown Black Handle Comb
  36. King Brown Tortoise Handle Comb
  37. Wahl Flat Top Clipper Comb Large in Yellow
  38. Matador MC3 Etona Comb
    Matador MC3 Comb
    £10.00 £8.33
  39. Andis Clipper Comb - Pink
  40. Matador MC5 Medium Cutting Comb
  41. Jack Dean Zoot Comb - Grey
    Jack Dean Zoot Comb - Grey
    £12.70 £10.58
  42. Denman D27 Gents Pocket Comb
  43. Matador MC4 Cutting Comb
  44. Head Jog Bamboo Cutting Comb
  45. Original Flat Topper Comb by Brian Drumm
  46. Denman DPC5 Green Precision Waver Comb
  47. Pro-Tip Cutting Comb
    Pro-Tip Cutting Comb
    £1.60 £1.33
  48. Head Jog 45 - Black Vent Brush