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Wholesale barber brushes from top brands such as Head Jog, Bluebeards, Wahl, Andis, Denman and many more.

We stock a huge range of barber hair brushes and neck brushes which are a barber shop essential!

Finding the right barber brush will be easy as we have lots of high-quality brushes with a purpose in mind, from afro brushes to anti-static and soft bristle brushes.

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Minimum spend only £25

  1. Jack Dean Fade Brush
  2. Andis Clipper Blade Cleaning Brush
  3. Irving Barber Co. Knuckle Fade Brush - Black
  4. Wahl Professional Fade Brush
    Wahl Professional Fade Brush
    £10.10 £8.42
  5. Head Jog 196 Neck Brush in Black
  6. Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller
  7. Denman D143 Small Styling Brush (5 Row)
  8. Wahl Professional Neck Brush
  9. Sibel Croc L Vent Brush
  10. Head Jog 196 Natural Wood Neck Brush
  11. Irving Barber Co. Knuckle Fade Brush - Firm Bristle
  12. Denman 'The Maxwell' D14 Limited Edition Styling Brush
  13. Denman D4 Large 9 Row Styling Brush
  14. Jack Dean Gents Club Brush - Dark Wood
  15. Irving Barber Co. Knuckle Fade Brush - Black
  16. Jack Dean Gents Military Brush - Dark Wood
  17. Uppercut Deluxe Vent Brush
  18. Irving Barber Co. Blade & Attachment Brush
  19. Sibel Styling Sponge (Blue)
  20. Sibel Classic 57 Military Brush with Handle
  21. Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic Trio - Matt Pomade
  22. Sibel Proline 288 Anti-static Round Brush - 25mm
  23. The Shave Factory Fade Brush
  24. Proraso Neck Brush
  25. Sibel Proline 286 Anti-static Round Brush - 45mm
  26. Denman D78 Neck Duster in Black
  27. Jack Dean Gents Club Brush - Light Wood
  28. The Shave Factory Premium Fade Brush
  29. Sibel Metallic Neck Brush in Gun Metal
  30. Sibel Proline 287 Anti-static Round Brush - 35mm
  31. Denman D100T Vent Brush
    Denman D100T Vent Brush
    £8.10 £6.75
  32. Jack Dean Gents Military Brush - Light Wood
  33. Sibel Classic 60 Narrow Military Brush
  34. Marmara Barber Neck Brush 954
  35. Pro-Tip Colonial Neck Brush - Darkwood
  36. Fab Hair Knuckle Fade Brush
  37. Sibel Styling Sponge (Red)
  38. Hair Tools Powder Neck Brush
  39. The Shave Factory Premium Beard Brush
  40. Head Jog Rubber Grip Neck Brush
  41. Denman D200 Vent Brush in Pewter Grey
  42. Pro-Tip Colonial Neck Brush - Black
  43. Denman D200 Vent Brush in White
  44. Denman D6 Be-Bop 12pc Black & Silver Display Pack
  45. Denman Hairbrush Cleaning Brush
  46. Denman D6 Be-Bop Massage Brush in Black
  47. Denman D3M Styling Brush in Black
  48. Cricket Static Free RPM-8 Row Brush