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Hair Tonics

Create that old school look with hair tonic products, keeping the customers style in place and looking glossier with their oil and scent enhanced contents.

There are lots of mens hair tonics on offer from top brands such as Apothecary 87 tonics, Clubman Pinaud, Fab Hair, Bay Rum, Vines Vintage and many more.

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Hair Tonics
All prices shown include VAT

Minimum spend only £25

  1. Reuzel Hair Tonic - 500ml *DG*
  2. Fab Hair Boss Friction Hair Tonic
  3. Clubman Pinaud Eau De Portugal Hair Tonic - 370ml
  4. Clubman Pinaud Hair Tonic - 370ml
  5. Clubman Pinaud Eau De Quinine Hair Tonic - 370ml
  6. Reuzel Grooming Tonic - 350ml *DG*
  7. Reuzel Hair Tonic - 350ml *DG*
  8. Pashana American Bay Rum 2 Litre
  9. Fab Hair Fresh Friction Hair Tonic
  10. Morgan's Glazing Hair Tonic - 250ml
  11. Fab Hair Tweed Friction Hair Tonic
  12. Fab Hair Red Rum Friction Hair Tonic
  13. Vines Vintage American Bay Rum - 200ml
  14. Morgan's Grooming Bay Rum Hair Tonic - 250ml
  15. Reuzel Grooming Tonic - 100ml *DG*
  16. Fab Hair Master Friction Hair Tonic
  17. Morgan's Cooling Hair Tonic - 250ml
  18. Pashana Eau De Quinine 250ml
  19. Fab Hair Nuts Friction Hair Tonic
  20. Pashana American Bay Rum 250ml
  21. Pashana Original Hair Lotion 2 Litre
  22. Fab Hair Event Friction Hair Tonic - 250ml
  23. Pashana Preparation (Jochems Treatment) - 150ml
  24. Vines Vintage Eau de Portugal - 200ml
  25. Reuzel Spray Surf Tonic - 355ml *DG*
  26. Reuzel Spray Grooming Tonic - 100ml *DG*
  27. Captain Fawcett Bay Rum Hair Tonic - 250ml
  28. Morgan's Cooling Scalp Treatment 100ml
  29. Pashana Original Hair Lotion 250ml
  30. Osmo Grooming Tonic - 300ml
  31. Vines Vintage Coconut Oil Brilliantine - 200ml
  32. Daimon Barber Texture Tonic - 100ml
  33. Vines Vintage Eau de Quinine - 200ml
  34. Vines Vintage Eclipsol with Oil - 200ml
  35. Pashana Eau De Portugal 250ml
  36. Vines Vintage Eclipsol Plain - 200ml
  37. Pashana Blue Orchid Friction Lotion 250ml
  38. Tonasi Lime & Litsea Rejuvenating Hair & Beard Tonic - 150ml
  39. Pashana Eau De Portugal With Oil 250ml
  40. Tonasi Bergamot & Patchouli Rejuvenating Hair & Beard Tonic - 150ml
  41. Morgan's Luxury Hair Oil - 50ml