Styling Products

Styling Products

Styling products for all your hair styling needs!

Barber Blades stock a vast range of mens grooming products such as hair wax, paste, clay gel, cream and pomade to help you create that ultimate finished look.

We stock top styling products for a diversity of brands such as Uppercut, American Crew, Johnny’s Chop Shop, Dear Barber, Apothecary 87, Morgan’s and many more.

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  1. Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder - 20g
  2. NaCreo Man Gel - Black Pearl
  3. Dapper Dan Ultra Matte Texture Dust - 20g
  4. Dapper Dan Ultra Matte Clay - 100ml
  5. Osmo Matte Clay Extreme 100ml
  6. Barber Mind Killer Pomade - 100ml
  7. Dear Barber Shaping Cream - 100ml
  8. Barber Mind Roots Pomade - 100ml
  9. Morgan's Matt Paste 75ml Tin
  10. Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray - 200ml
  11. Dapper Dan Heavy Hold Pomade - 100ml
  12. Dear Barber Mattifier - 100ml
  13. Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder - 20g
  14. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade - 100g
  15. Johnny's Chop Shop Trigger Happy Texturising Salt Spray 125ml
  16. Morgan's Texture Clay 75ml Tin
  17. Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold - 90g
  18. Dear Barber Pomade - 100ml
  19. Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight - 70g
  20. Bluebeards Revenge Pomade 100ml
  21. Barber Mind Ghost Pomade - 100ml
  22. Dear Barber Fibre - 100ml
  23. Johnny's Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay 70g
  24. Red One Aqua Hair Wax Full Force BLACK - 150ml
  25. Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade - 100g
  26. Barber Mind Ink Pomade - 100ml
  27. Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade Mini Tin - 18g
  28. Bandido Maximum Hold Hairspray - 400ml
  29. Johnny's Chop Shop Fix Power Hold Hair Spray 125ml
  30. Osmo Power Powder - 9g
  31. Johnny's Chop Shop No.1 Matt Paste 75g
  32. Apothecary 87 Mogul Matte Paste - 100g
  33. Morgan's Styling Matt Pomade - 100g
  34. Wahl Academy WA19 Klay 100ml
  35. Red One Aqua Hair Wax Full Force VIOLETTA - 150ml
  36. Johnny's Chop Shop Sports & Social Hair Fibre Coiffante - 70g
  37. Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold Mini Tin - 18g
  38. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Mini Tin - 18g
  39. Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay 100ml
  40. Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste 100ml
  41. Clubman Pinaud Medium Hold Pomade - 113g
  42. Graham Hill HANGAR Rough Paste - 100ml
  43. Copacetic Clay - NEW 100ml Size
  44. Clubman Pinaud Medium Hold Pomade - 454g
  45. King Brown Matte Pomade - 71g
  46. NaCreo Man Soft Hold Gel - Brown
  47. Clubman Pinaud Firm Hold Pomade - 454g
  48. Clubman Pinaud Molding Putty - 454g

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