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Steel masterpieces that are built to last a life-time! Founded in 1906, Dovo Solingen are known for their manufacturing of premium cutlery and shaving items, as well as scissors, shaving equipment such as straight razors, as well as manicure tools.

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  1. Dovo Centre Touch 6" Scissors - Offset
    Dovo Centre Touch 6" Scissors - Offset
    As low as £110.00 £91.67
  2. Dovo Patriot Scissors 5.5"
    Dovo Patriot Scissors 5.5"
    As low as £60.00 £50.00
  3. Dovo Spectral Red Scissors
    Dovo Spectral Red Scissors
    As low as £110.00 £91.67
  4. Dovo Elitaire 5.25" Scissors - Offset
  5. Dovo Blaise 5.5" Scissors
    Dovo Blaise 5.5" Scissors
    As low as £65.00 £54.17