Omega was founded in 1931, which marked a complete range of professional high-quality wet shaving brushes, creams and shaving sets, made from both bristle, badger and synthetic fibres.

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  1. Omega Shaving Set with Brush, Bowl & Stand
  2. Omega Shaving Cream in Tube - 100ml
  3. Omega Shaving Cream Bowl - 150ml
  4. Omega Professional Shaving Brush - Chrome
  5. Omega Shaving Brush, Bowl & Stand Set - Chrome
  6. Omega Pure Black Badger Shaving Brush
  7. Omega Professional Shaving Brush
  8. Omega Shaving Brush & Bowl Set
  9. Omega S-Brush Wooden Handle
  10. Omega Pure Bristle Shaving Brush & Stand
  11. Omega Pure Bristle Shaving Brush
  12. Omega Synthetic Boar Bristle Shaving Brush - Chrome
  13. Omega Hi-Brush Synthetic Badger Shaving Brush
  14. Omega Barber Pole Shaving Brush
  15. Omega Black Hi-Brush fiber shaving brush
  16. Omega Pure Badger Shaving Brush
  17. Omega Black Hi-Brush Synthetic Badger Brush
  18. Omega Hi-Brush Synthetic Badger Brush - Barber Pole Handle
  19. Omega Giant Barber Pole Shaving Brush - Red & White