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Hair Tools Volumax AirFlow Diffuser

£6.00 £5.00


Hair Tools Volumax AirFlow Diffuser

The Hair Tools Volumax AirFlow diffuser has a high heat resistant silicone adaptor that firmly and securely grips to fit most hairdryers.

With over 150 air apetures, the Volumax AirFlow Diffuser provides a gently drying effect leaving styles intact.

Strategically placed finger spaces lift the hair to add body and volume.

The diffuser features an airflow rotational fan blade within it, which reduces the force of the impact of air from the dryer and redirects to avoid disrupting the hairs' wave pattern, therefore reducing frizz.

Available in black only. ~ the best place online to buy barber supplies.


  • Brand: Hair Tools
  • Length: 12
  • Width: 15
  • Height: 6