Thinning Scissors

Thinning Scissors

Barber thinning scissors or thinning shears are used to thin out hair or add texture to achieve a 3D and well-manicured look.

We stock a variety of sizes from 5.5", 6",6.6", and 7" made from metals such as high-quality steel from top brands Haito, Jaguar, Tondeo, Matakki, Passion and more. We have barber thinning scissors to suit all budgets from training thinning shears to the top range Jowell E40, 40 tooth thinning scissor.

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  1. Kyoto Sprint 5.5" Thinning Scissor
  2. Kyoto Rose 6" Thinning Scissor
    Kyoto Rose 6" Thinning Scissor
    £96.00 £80.00
  3. Academy Plus Cutting Set
    Academy Plus Cutting Set
    As low as £69.00 £57.50